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Lights are designed to be used in extreme nighttime and low visibility running environments and are very high output.

DO NOT look directly
into beam.

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Power Sources

Use these optional power sources to safely power a LED Controller from a separate battery source / different power connection.

LED Power Source

#5070: System Link Cable

  • Power multiple systems from the same power source

#5071: 3AA Battery Holder

  • 24+ hour run times on 10 LED lighting systems
  • Built-in ON-OFF power switch

#5072: 9V Battery Clip

  • Power systems with a 9V battery

#5073: RX Plug

  • Standard power source included with most complete systems
  • Power systems directly from your RX (receiver)

#5074: RX Pass-Thru™

  • A micro sized Y-harness
  • If no extra channels are available on your RX use with RX Plug to power systems
  • Use to extend receiver channel outside radio box

#5075: RX Direct2LED™

  • Power Source + LED Controller combo
  • Easily plug up to 3 LEDs into any available RX channel

#5076: 2 Channel RX Plug

  • Standard power source included with full-feature systems
  • Use for both 1 and 2 channel installations
  • Power systems directly from your RX (receiver)

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