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Lights are designed to be used in extreme nighttime and low visibility running environments and are very high output.

DO NOT look directly
into beam.

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RC-Lights was founded in 2006 to offer the RC community a true quality LED lighting alternative. RC-Lights has gone above and beyond the typical light kit most commonly found under a RC body by integrating the latest in LED lighting technology. LEDs are the future of traditional lighting and a drop in solution for extreme environments subject to dirt, oil, vibration, and all the bashings your RC undergo.

The focus at RC-Lights is LED Lighting Systems with product offerings specifically designed for R/C applications. The word ‘System’ is used to describe a customizable group of interchangeable components that can be combined in various ways to create a fully functioning LED lighting system.

The central point of a LED lighting system is the LED Controller.  This is the component that will adequately power the LEDs from a specified voltage range. Through the controller complete lighting effect realism is added to your RC projects.  Functionality like brake lights, landing lights, non-simultaneous strobes, rotating beacons, and much more are all built right in.

Released in Fall 2008 the plug and play approach to R/C LED Lighting has completely eliminated the need for any soldering when customizing your lighting system.   It also allows for easy replacement of components instead of entire systems when crash damage occurs.  Universal is key; change LED colors, extend wire lengths, and upgrade LED controllers for more LED functionality to make the Lighting system a true ‘fit’ for your model.

Whether it be for your car, truck, airplane, helicopter, or boat RC-Lights has a lighting system that will NEVER fail to deliver. And the best part is that every LED shipped from RC-Lights is guaranteed against defect FOR LIFE!

At RC-Lights we truly care about our customers and will be here to continue to serve you far into the future. So you can rest assured that your investment in a RC-Lights brand LED RC Lighting System will be the best choice you’ve ever made when choosing to light up the night!

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