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Lights are designed to be used in extreme nighttime and low visibility running environments and are very high output.

DO NOT look directly
into beam.

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RC-LIGHTS delivers


RC-LIGHTS delivers the brightest LEDs available to any industry. Environments subject to vibration, dirt, oil, and impact are especially suited for the use of LEDs with solid-state lighting technology.


RC-LIGHTS delivers the fastest lighting system setup times with RC-LIGHTS own exclusive plug and play lighting system design. Complete customization is easy with no soldering required!


RC-LIGHTS delivers a better solution to R/C LED lighting. Systems are a group of interchangeable components. From the LED controller to the wire lengths to the LEDs; everything is customizable and replaceable.


RC-LIGHTS delivers the best product warranty and support around. Every LED has a LIFETIME WARRANTY, and every system component a 2-YEAR WARRANTY. If you ever have a question, just ask!

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