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Lights are designed to be used in extreme nighttime and low visibility running environments and are very high output.

DO NOT look directly
into beam.

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#5057 : 14 LED Controller - NIGHTFLY2™

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Directly power up to 14 LEDs. Current limiting resistors are built right in.

Using the NIGHTFLY2™ 14 LED Controller, LEDs can be directly powered from the RX or an additional power source.

LEDs are split into six banks: 4 constant; 2 landing lights switched on/off depending on TX 2-position switch; 2 fixed-rate 1Hz single strobes; 4 fully-adjustable alternating strobes (2 Left & 2 Right); and 2 simulated rotating beacon lights (adjustable fast/slow).

The NIGHTFLY2™ 14 LED Controller has two TX/RX channel inputs; one is for switching power to the entire controller on/off, and the second is for switching auxiliary (landing) lights on/off. Each channel  input should be plugged into an available RX channel tied to a 2-position switch on the TX. A Y-harness or RX Pass-Thru™ can be used on channels in use, but still provide the correct signals for switching (i.e. landing gear channel).  The NIGHTFLY2™ 14 LED Controller provides extensive adjustability to the alternating strobes allowing for single, double, triple, single/double, double/triple, or simulated machine gun lighting effects.  Beyond that the timing between individual strobe flashes can be adjusted fast/slow and the timing between the left and right alternating banks is fully-adjustable.  Landing lights and single strobe banks can be disabled so that it becomes 8 fully-adjustable alternating strobes (4 Left & 4 Right) and the second auxiliary channel input switches the alternating strobes on/off, perfect for warbird applications with simulated machine guns.  Additionally, the TX/RX channel inputs can be simple on/off or multi-mode can be enabled.  When multi-mode is enabled each flip of the switch performs a sequential action. The master power channel input defaults to all off, flip once and the constant navigation turn on, flip again and the rotating beacon comes on, flip again and all strobe lights turn on, flip again and the landing lights light, flip again and everything turns constant on for an easy landing or testing purposes, and a final flip turns everything back off. If the second auxiliary channel is present it will either engage/disengage the landing lights, or if they are disabled the alternating strobes, with the all-on mode following, along with a back off with another flip.  The NIGHTFLY2™ 14 LED Controller is by far our most feature packed controller which is why you will want to be sure to add one to your R/C aircraft today!

Link additional controllers using the extra set of PWR & AUX inputs.

Bundled with these complete systems: #5331, #5334


  Instruction Set
  (1) NIGHTFLY2™ 14 LED controller
  (1) 2-Channel RX Plug
  (2) zip ties & bases

UPC# 813487010888


DIMENSIONS: 1.65" x 1.0" x 0.25"

INPUT VOLTAGE: 3.6-7.4V [6V Optimal]

TYP OUTPUT CURRENT (per LED channel): 20-30mA

Controller pins can be directly soldered to for DIY projects.  Use heat shrink to insulate each pin.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every RC-LIGHTS LED is guaranteed against manufacturer defect for the lifetime of the LED (10 TEN Years). All system components are guaranteed against manufacturer defect for 2 TWO Years after the original date of purchase.  Should your LED ever not light contact us immediately and a replacement will be sent right away. Warranty does not cover damage due to powering the LED beyond specified ratings. Warranty does not cover damage due to an incorrect installation. Warranty does not cover normal wear, abuse, neglect, or any damage arising as a result of improper use or modification.

Installation Instructions

NIGHTFLY2™ 14 LED Controller
NIGHTFLY2™ + Separate Power Source Tutorial

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